How to add Google map?

Google Map shortcode simplifies the process of Google map HTML code embedding. Click on the Map widget in Visual Composer

Visit Google maps to create your map.

  1. Find location;
  2. Click “Share” and make sure map is public on the web;
  3. Click folder icon to reveal “Embed on my site” link;
  4. Copy iframe code and paste it in Map embed iframe field in the widget.

How to remove blinking fullscreen background in wide layout?

Please follow Theme Options -> General -> Appearance -> Layout -> Background under the box -> Remove an image -> Save

How to add iconfont icons to the main menu?

Icons can be assigned via Appearance -> Menus -> Click on a single menu item -> “Icon” property.

How to make the site narrower or wider?

Please follow Theme Options -> General -> Appearance -> Layout -> Content width -> Enter the desired site width in pixels or percentages -> Save

How to disable breadcrumbs?

Please follow Theme Options -> Page titles -> Breadcrumbs -> Disable -> Save

How many slideshows am I able to create?

You are able to create as many slideshows as you want and use them on any page or post.

What cache plugin do you suggest to use?

We would like to advise you to install W3 Total Cache plugin.

Can I use Widgets in Visual Composer?

Yes, you can ad widget areas with the help of Widgetised Sidebar shortcode.

How to change the number of columns in footer?

Please follow Theme Options -> General -> Footer & Bottom Bar -> Footer -> Footer Layout -> Layout -> Enter the desired footer structure, f.e. 1/2+1/4+1/4 -> Save

How can I activate Slider Revolution?

The notice about Slider Revolution registration is a suggestion, not a requirement.

The plugin is registered on Dream-Theme, and buyers of this theme do not need to register it once again. So, for now, could you please simply disregard the notice.

How to remove a gap between slideshow and content?

There are 50px gaps between header and content area, content area and footer. You can add negative top and bottom margins (-50) in Visual Composer row setting to remove these gaps.


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